Our Services

Our professional experience and economical solutions make Specialdocs Consultants Inc., the ideal choice for your medical practice conversion.

Specialdocs has the competitive edge:

  • Recognized Expertise in Concierge Medicine

    We have specialty-focused knowledge and expertise in the field of concierge medicine. With over a decade in this industry, having transitioned well over 150 physicians in 30 states, our personal dedication results in consistently successful transitions.
  • Personally-designed Concierge Medicine Practice Models

    Your practice and transition plan will be exclusively designed for you. A personalized model will be tailored to meet your unique requirements as well as the needs of your specific patient population.
  • Assessment of Office Needs and Space Requirements

    We assess your office needs and space requirements for the concierge medicine practice, offering reasonable and cost-effective solutions for your current practice facility, whenever possible.
  • Staff Support and Training

    We offer on-site evaluation and training of your office staff, providing a personalized employee handbook for your new practice. Patients should perceive a quality difference in their entire office experience upon transition.
  • Annual Fees Deposited Directly to your Bank Account

    Specialdocs manages all patient membership billing and collections and deposits funds directly in your account. All annual fee transaction records and patient follow-up are handled by Specialdocs, freeing your staff to attend to your patients’ medical office needs.
  • Patient Dialogue both Personally and Electronically

    A personalized Patient Information line and website are supported by our skilled communications team. They understand you and your unique personalized practice and can effectively and successfully market your practice to your current and prospective patients.
  • Ongoing Legal Advice and Counsel

    Our health care counsel reviews and approves all your transition support documents and offers continuing legal opinions on the broad range of relevant concierge practice issues.
  • More than just Marketing Advice

    Our unique marketing offerings help you not only grow your practice, but also retain your current patients – even the low utilizers. These include a personalized quarterly newsletter, practice growth initiatives, patient satisfaction survey, and more.
  • One-on-One Attention

    We provide the same “concierge” care to our physician-clients that we expect them to deliver to their patients.
  • Reasonable Transition Fees and a Fair and Equitable Contract Agreement

    You don’t have to leave us when your contract is completed. Most of our physicians stay with Specialdocs long after the terms of their original contract ends because of our reasonable fees along with premier service and attention.
You only have one opportunity to do this right.
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