Dr. Morris Hasson describes his journey to concierge medicine

“The lifestyle change by going to a concierge care practice is amazing,” says Dr. Morris Hasson. “The time you have to spend with patients, there is much less rushing around and worry and stress.”

Transitioning to concierge medicine with the support of Specialdocs Consultants allows Dr. Hasson the time to really talk to his patients and help decide what the best treatment is for them.

Dr. Hasson speaks to how rewarding it is to help his patients take charge of their lives. He has time to connect and value his patient/physician relationship.

“Everybody you talk to [at Specialdocs] is knowledgeable. They’re about making your practice successful,” he says.

Watch Dr. Hasson’s full story below.

Revolutionary Journeys to Concierge Medicine is a video series, presented by Specialdocs Consultants, depicting the paths of several physicians who’ve transitioned from traditional practice to a concierge model practice.

In their own words, the physicians illustrate the continuing challenges of the traditional practice model and how they were able to make a successful transition to concierge medicine.

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