Dr. Natasha Beauvais describes her journey to concierge medicine

Realizing that time is biggest asset that can be offered but not sold in a medical practice, Dr. Natasha Beauvais has more precious time to offer her patients now that she has partnered with Specialdocs Consultants and transitioned her practice to the concierge model.

“I think everybody, when they work, they want something that’s going to make them happy. They want something that they just are excited about. Being in medicine brings me a lot of happiness,” says Dr. Beauvais.

Working with Specialdocs, Dr. Beauvais points out that doctors are able to retain their values and individuality after their transition.

“Your name goes on the letterhead and your practice is consistent with whatever you want it to be, and doesn’t get subsumed by the management company,” she says. “I feel like we have a better unit of business to offer people and Specialdocs is getting us there.”

Watch Dr. Beauvais’ full story below.

Revolutionary Journeys to Concierge Medicine is a video series, presented by Specialdocs Consultants, depicting the paths of several physicians who’ve transitioned from traditional practice to a concierge model practice.

In their own words, the physicians illustrate the continuing challenges of the traditional practice model and how they were able to make a successful transition to concierge medicine.

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