How it Works

How do you determine if the Specialdocs approach is going to work for my practice?

Our first priority is your success. That’s why the first step of our process is a customized and thorough evaluation of your practice.

We start with several in-depth conversations with you and those important in your life as the foundation of our partnership. Specifically, we look at:

  • you


    What’s your longevity in the community? Do you have name recognition? Do you have a strong connection to your patients? Are they loyal to you?

  • patients-1

    Your patients

    What are the demographics of your current patients? What are the market demographics in your area? What’s the age distribution of your panel? And what’s the payer mix?

  • Your practice

    What is your current patient panel size? What’s the status of your income/cash flow? What can we learn from the competitive landscape? How competitive is the market?

The process of the evaluation varies from physician to physician, but typically includes these critical steps:

Initial Call
Practice Survey
Preliminary Assessment
Analyze Patient and Financial Data
Practice Visit
Patient Survey
Internal Committee
Deliver Proposal
Begin Transition Phase
  • Step 1Initial Call
  • Step 2Practice Survey
  • Step 3Preliminary Assessment
  • Step 4Analyze Patient and Financial Data
  • Step 5Practice Visit
  • Step 6Patient Survey
  • Step 7Internal Committee
  • Step 8Deliver Proposal
  • Step 9 Begin Transition Phase

Once we’ve determined that transitioning is the right move, what does the process look like?

Our three-phased approach fosters honest communication, consistent collaboration, and remarkable results.
  • Phase ICreate practice vision and develop messaging
  • Phase IIDefine and launch the practice
  • Phase IIIBuild the practice and design a long-term plan

So, after the transition process is complete, what happens next?

We offer a range of consulting services, such as membership management, financial processing, ongoing regulatory review, and practice maintenance as well as growth initiatives. In fact, in the last two years, 100% of our physician clients have extended their relationships with us.