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4 More Tips for Marketing Your Concierge Medical Practice to Millennials

Recently, we shared four tips on how to market your medical practice to Millennials. Capturing the attention of these potential patients is well worth the effort to reach a generation whose purchasing power already exceeds $430 billion, a number expected to increase significantly in the next decade, according to the Boston Consulting Group,

To help concierge medical physicians appeal to the growing Millennial generation, Specialdocs offers these four additional tips:

  1. Offer development of a preventive health plan. Many Millennials care about their physical fitness and want to establish healthy eating habits.* Partner with them to create a comprehensive plan for preventive care that will focus on their wellness for years to come.
  2. Demonstrate how your practice prioritizes personalized care. During the selection process, Millennials are swayed by brands that will go the extra mile to engage with them.* Show that you and your staff will greet them by name, remember important life milestones and maintain a comfortable, friendly office space.
  3. Tell your story. Millennials want to connect and be active participants in a brand story they believe in.* In addition to emphasizing the difference personalized care can make in their lives, share the personal and professional reasons that sparked your decision to practice concierge medicine.
  4. Post patient testimonials prominently on your website. The power of a personal endorsement is particularly strong among Millennials who tap into their network of friends for advice on everything from restaurant recommendations to the best local physicians.

Have you been successful at attracting Millennials to your concierge medicine practice? Share your stories or additional tips with us and follow Specialdocs on LinkedInTwitter or Facebook to learn more.


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