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4 Ways to Market Your Medical Practice to Millennials

Growing in number and influence, experts recognize that Millennials are shaping the future of the healthcare industry. Fierce Healthcare researched the preferences of this age group and compiled a list of five millennial-driven healthcare trends, including word-of-mouth marketing using online reviews and a preference for upfront estimates.

To assist concierge medicine physicians who are trying to reach out to the younger generation, Specialdocs compiled the following tips to help gain traction:

  • Maintain a vibrant Internet presence. Millennials are prominent web users, frequently consuming and sharing information. Because of their penchant for digital browsing, reading online reviews is an important part of their healthcare selection process. To get on their digital radar, update your practice website with patient testimonials and create social media posts (in line with HIPAA guidelines) featuring practice news and insights to cultivate a digital sense of community.
  • Emphasize brief waiting times. When Millennials feel ill, they often forego a visit to their primary care physician in favor of an acute care clinic in order to receive expedited treatment. The promise of promptly scheduled appointments and a ‘no-wait waiting room’ associated with concierge medicine practices can be a compelling benefit for these fast-moving potential patients. 
  • Promote 24/7 availability. Demonstrated by their preference for acute care clinics, Millennials value convenience and instant gratification. Appeal to this tech-savvy, selective age group by promoting your around-the-clock availability by phone call, text or email.
  • Be transparent when explaining associated costs. Many Millennials have limited cash and appreciate simple but comprehensive explanations for how their healthcare money is being used. Present your membership fees and any additional costs upfront and consider how to assist these patients in understanding their insurance information.