8 Phases of the Concierge Physician Lifecycle

Specialdocs Consultants CEO Terry Bauer recently sat down with Michael Tetreault from Concierge Medicine Today to detail eight phases of the concierge physician’s lifecycle from exhaustion (while working in the traditional, fee for service model) to exhilaration (while successfully launching a concierge medicine practice) and, ultimately, to exit (the process of planning for retirement and practice acquisition/succession).

Since 2002, Specialdocs has specialized in successfully transitioning physicians through each phase in their professional lifecycle.

In Terry’s webinar, which was first presented during the 2020-2021 Concierge Medicine Forum, he also discusses how concierge medicine doctors are leading communities and their patients through the ongoing pandemic crisis. More importantly, Terry lists questions and thoughtful answers physicians must tackle in order to help their patients receive proper treatment in the current economy.

Terry and Michael also discuss how important it is for physicians to enjoy the work they do and how they can thrive in life and in the delivery of healthcare and hope inside a concierge medicine practice model.