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It’s American Diabetes Month…and Signs of Hope Emerge in the Ongoing Battle

While the statistics surrounding the prevalence of diabetes in America are sobering – 29 million people are currently coping with the disease, and another 86 million are at risk – there are some promising indicators of progress.   In recognition of American Diabetes Month, we at Specialdocs salute physicians who work tirelessly with patients year round to prevent and fight this all too common condition that is the seventh leading cause of death nationwide.
Among the many dedicated physicians is  “Special Doc” Eugene A. Shmorhun, MD, in Fairfax, Virginia, who designed his own personalized comprehensive diabetes program which has garnered positive results. The combination of educational seminars, diet monitoring, exercise, online tools, medical management and regular, ongoing communication has proved a potent one, with outcomes that include:

  • Improved sugar levels in 87% of patients
  • Decreased or complete elimination of medications in 60% of patients

“We need to realize that lowering blood test numbers with multiple medications is not enough. We should strive to manage patients to better blood sugar control and lower body weight with less medication, not more.  I’ve witnessed exactly this in the large majority of our patients, and it doesn’t require major resources or specially trained staff,” says Dr. Shmorhun.
Physicians, what triumphs have you witnessed in the fight against diabetes? Share your experiences with us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.