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Hallmarks of Concierge Medicine: More Time, More Trust, More Satisfaction

The reasons physicians make the transition to concierge medicine are clear and compelling:  avoid career burnout, stabilize their income, and return to patient-centered medicine.  The results are equally compelling: many concierge physicians experience significant spikes in satisfaction for both themselves and their patients.

Our Chief Medical Advisor, J. Patrick Tokarz, MD, transitioned to a concierge medical practice several years ago and witnessed firsthand the transformative nature of the change.

As Dr. Tokarz recognized, concierge medicine enables physicians to provide care above and beyond what is possible in a traditional practice. If you’re thinking about transitioning, consider the hallmarks of a concierge medical practice, reflected in physician priorities and patient benefits:

Concierge Physician Priorities:

  • A powerful focus on long-term health and wellness. Empowered by more time to meet with each patient, concierge physicians can conduct comprehensive health risk assessments and develop personalized wellness plans.
  • A strong physician-patient relationship. Concierge physicians have time to really listen and understand their patients’ symptoms and a host of complex issues. Their 24/7 availability helps to build even greater trust with their patients.
  • A deeper understanding of patient and family medical history and concerns. Concierge physicians have more time to research and discuss treatment options for each patient’s unique health issues.

Concierge Patient Benefits:

  • Extended office visits that often reach 30 minutes.
  • Appointments are usually scheduled within 24 hours of a patient’s call.
  • The doctor is always in, not a physician assistant or nurse practitioner.
  • Calls to the office are promptly answered by real people with a real concern for patients’ health and well being.
  • Direct access to physician during office hours; extended office hours.
  • The physician’s personal cell phone number is provided along with email access for after-office hours.

This blog post is the second in a series focused on how concierge medicine addresses the independent physician’s most essential desires with a model that offers sustainability and autonomy…and restores the joy of practicing medicine. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about concierge medicine. Connect with us on LinkedInTwitter or Facebook.

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