Dr. Irene Kazmers explains her reasons for switching to concierge medicine

In a recent article on the Rheumatology Network, Irene Kazmers, MD, discusses the heavy administrative burden placed on all practicing physicians in the last decade and why she chose to convert her practice to concierge medicine, a practice model that she says has, “proven to be a tremendous fit for my career at this point in time and made it possible for me to continue as a practicing rheumatologist.”

For rheumatologists particularly, the administrative work needed to ensure that their patients receive extremely expensive specialty medications has become voluminous. Dr. Kazmer reached a point of seeing up to 17-20 patients a day who had chronic and in many cases, complex rheumatology conditions. Finishing all her visit notes in real time became unrealistic, leaving her with dozens of notes to complete by the end of week that routinely needed long nights and most weekends to complete office-related paperwork and returning patient phone calls. The heavy administrative burden placed on her made her consider concierge medicine.

For me, the most important change has been the incredible lifting of work pressure, resulting in a much better quality of life. From the first night of transitioning to the concierge medicine model, I was able to sleep well, knowing my patients were being better served, my staff was happier, and that I could continue to practice as a rheumatologist within the changing and challenging landscape of medicine today.

Dr. Kazmers then began to work with Specialdocs Consultants, a company long recognized for advising and supporting physicians to successfully transition to a concierge medicine model. Specialdocs enabled her to do more than simply keep the doors open at Northern Michigan Rheumatology.

Dr. Kazmers goes on to say that, “It has restored my practice, rejuvenated my staff and allowed me to care for patients exceptionally well in a time of great change and opportunity for rheumatology. I now see a smaller and much more manageable number of patients per day, allowing ample time for visit note documentation and calls to patients and consultants. I am able to see patients promptly, with longer visits as needed in this time-intensive field.

Specialdocs helped her throughout the transition to concierge medicine and continues to support her thriving practice to this day. Take the next step and see if you too can rejuvenate your practice like Dr. Kazmers.

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