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Heed This Call…The Future of Medicine May Be in Your Patients’ Hands Right Now

After revolutionizing everything from banking to shopping to entertainment, smart phones are positioned to upend medicine, according to Dr. Eric Topol, renowned cardiologist who recently shared his thoughts in an intriguing Wall Street Journal article titled “Your Smartphone Will See You Now.” Apps are in development that will enable cell phone users to monitor and collect data for virtually every function of their health, and transform medicine from evidence-based practice to data science, with “empowered individuals at center stage,” writes Topol. Far from being minimized by this predicted democratization of medicine, at Specialdocs we believe the concierge doctor’s role gains even more relevance. The onslaught of exquisitely detailed data will require in-depth analysis and more time spent on each patient – the commodity in shortest supply in today’s traditional practices.  Additionally, the information overload can only be tempered by the human touch, and the supportive, comforting counsel of a patient’s trusted physician.  The same technology that empowers patients may also enhance our doctors’ ability to provide the type of personalized, compassionate, empathetic medicine that underlies every concierge practice.  We hope you agree…the future of medicine, and the technology driving it forward, has never looked more promising.

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