How infectious disease specialists play a key role in concierge medicine

The DocPreneur Podcast is featuring two outstanding physicians very familiar to us here at Specialdocs. In a new episode, Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief of Concierge Medicine Today, sits down with Special Docs Ralph Cipriani, MD, and Jeff Puglisi, MD, of Glenville Medical Concierge Care.

Drs. Cipriani and Puglisi explore a number of important topics, including:

  • the key role of an infectious disease sub-specialty in concierge medicine
  • the power and challenges of a group concierge practice
  • what really defines the concierge model

“Concierge medicine is about great doctors taking great care of their patients. What it isn’t about is doctors playing golf four days a week,” says Dr. Puglisi. “There are so many amazing, talented doctors who haven’t even considered the concierge option. We need to educate each other and share the incredible satisfaction concierge physicians feel at the end of every day.”

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