Internist offers key advice for physicians considering concierge model

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Medical Economics is featuring Specialdocs client Brad Pontz, MD of NOVAMED Associates in Fairfax, VA. In the interview, Dr. Pontz discusses why he chose to transition his practice to the concierge model, the benefits for him and his patients, and the biggest challenges he faced during the practice transition.

Dr. Pontz also offers advice for physicians considering the concierge model.

“Don’t be afraid of considering the transition. I think there are a number of physicians out there who are understandably put off by the some of the risks associated with it. But the rewards really are there,” says Dr. Pontz. “One does need to do some type of analysis of the practice and make sure that you can support it economically. But I would encourage everyone to have confidence in their own practice and in their own relationship with their patients. There may be more interest among their patients than they initially realize. Other concierge physicians have said what I’m about to say: One of my few regrets is that I didn’t make the transition earlier. I’m glad I’ve made it now.”