Marketing to Millennials: An Infographic

We understand that marketing your concierge medical practice to Millennials can be a challenge. However, capturing the attention of these potential patients is well worth the effort given their sheer number and significant projected purchasing power.

To help, Specialdocs created a quick and easy infographic featuring 8 marketing tips you can use to reach out to Millennials. Print it out or save it on your computer and refer to it when you’re in need of a fresh idea or two.

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Touched on in previous posts, one of the key differentiators of many concierge medical practices is the emphasis physicians place on wellness and preventive care. Millennials in particular are working out, eating healthier and are young enough to witness the benefits over their lifetime of establishing a comprehensive wellness plan with their concierge physician.

Do you struggle to convince Millennials of the merits of your concierge medical practice? Or have you successfully won over this selective generation? Share your wisdom and stories with us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.