Medical Economics spotlights Specialdocs’ view on how concierge medicine is restoring physicians’ passion for medicine

Medical Economics is featuring Specialdocs CEO Terry Bauer’s view on how concierge medicine is helping physicians bounce back from burnout and restore their passion for medicine.

Bauer writes, “With concierge medicine, we offer physicians a viable solution that enables them to reclaim their lives. The evidence goes well beyond anecdotal for this model that continues to expand two decades after its introduction into a system that was deteriorating from within.”

To quantify what we’ve been hearing since our concierge practice management company was founded in 2002, we asked our current clients to participate in the State of the Concierge Physician survey.  We asked: how were their spirits? Were they satisfied with their career choice, and would they recommend it to the next generation? What do they consider to be the greatest rewards of changing to the concierge practice model?”