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Millennials: A Rising Generation of Concierge Medicine Aficionados? 

Concierge-style medical practices of various specialties appear to be gaining ground among today’s influential generation, the millennials… and for good reason. Studies show that millennials prefer to spend their money on life experiences rather than material goods, and concierge medicine with its hallmark personalized care could be an appealing choice as this selective group considers their healthcare options.

According to a recent article in Lifezette, millennials may be increasingly attracted to the concierge model because of the extra time and attention they may receive from their physician. Traditionally, the majority of concierge practices have been focused on primary care, family medicine and internal medicine, and on specialties such as cardiology and endocrinology. Now the obstetrics and pediatrics community is taking note of concierge medicine and its potential benefits for their patients.

According to Lifezette, obstetrics works well for the concierge model because millennials are seeking someone who will partner with them in their birthing decisions, and the focus on the personal relationship and connection offered at these practices.

The desire for more personalized, quality care held by many millennials, especially as their families grow, is also sparking growth in pediatric concierge practices. For concierge medicine physicians, this represents a real opportunity to connect with these younger patients and forge long-term relationships.