A Revolution in Blood Testing from Silicon Valley…Eliminates Needles, Reduces Costs and Provides Rapid Results


You may have heard of Theranos and its young founder Elizabeth Holmes, who tapped into her passion for patient engagement and health care innovation to develop a process that combines both: full medical lab testing using just a few drops of blood, costing just pennies on the dollar compared to traditional methods. According to an article in Fortune, the easy finger prick procedure and readily available results (within hours, and sent by smart phone) is set to upend how medical testing will be conducted in the future.  The same samples can be used repeatedly, enabling physicians to order reflex testing or a more advanced panel without requiring the patient to return to lab or office.

We’re following this story, with its potential to transform the patient experience…we believe Holmes’ raison d’etre for Theranos may resonate with our Specialdocs’ concierge medicine practice models:  “It’s about being able to change the health care system through what we believe this country does so well, which is innovation and creativity and the ability to conceive of technology that can help solve policy challenges. It’s about access to actionable information at the time it matters,” says Holmes.

To read more: http://for.tn/1sdEqYY   Learn more in Forbes and USAToday