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Leading Long Island Internist launches concierge practice, joins Specialdocs network

Eric Barth, MD, an Internist with almost four decades of experience, has transformed his practice with a change to Specialdocs‘ concierge medicine model. His personalized, proactive approach offers the opportunity to experience a markedly different type of care, centered on the powerful physician-patient relationship.

“In the past year, the benefits of our concierge medicine model have never been more needed,” says Specialdocs CEO Terry Bauer. “High-quality, empathetic care provided by a physician who serves as their patient’s advocate are more important than ever.”

For Dr. Barth, the need to change from a traditional model of care grew stronger with each year in practice. “The most essential components of care were rapidly disappearing in our dysfunctional healthcare environment: prompt attention when a patient is ill, continuity of care from home to hospital and back, a deep understanding of each patient that goes beyond their medical concerns, and time to educate and work toward wellness. All were restored in my concierge practice,” he says.

Keeping the patient panel intentionally small means same-day appointments, little or no waiting time, extended, unhurried visits and a strong emphasis on prevention and wellness. Telemedicine consultations offer a convenient option for patients who request them, and house calls are offered in certain circumstances as well. Dr. Barth advocates personally for his patients if they are hospitalized, and eases the way through complex medical situations that may require specialist referrals. Importantly, patients receive Dr. Barth’s personal cell phone number and email for direct contact after hours.

“There’s a lot to be said for peace of mind knowing Dr. Barth is available when I need him,” says long-time patient “MB” of Long Island, now a member of the practice.

“He is very, very thorough and gave me his complete attention at every visit, but I knew he always had a full schedule of patients. Before the change in practice, I was more apt to use urgent care after hours. Now I text him with a question at night, receive a prompt answer and feel completely reassured,” says “MB”

“MB”, in her early 50s, also appreciates the focus on prevention. “I know how much better it is to catch things early, but there’s not as much chance of that happening in a traditional practice. Our healthcare system really is broken, and this is the right way to fix it.”

Dr. Barth, an Internal Medicine specialist in practice since 1982, is located at 2155 Wantagh Ave., Wantagh, NY, (516) 324-2300.  He completed his residency at New York University Medical Center at Booth Memorial Medical Center. Dr. Barth is affiliated with Mercy Medical Center, Rockville Centre and Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY.

A pioneer in concierge medicine transitions, since 2002 Specialdocs has helped physicians nationwide transform their practices. We believe in personalized, preventive patient care; autonomy and professional satisfaction for physicians; and the healing power of the physician-patient relationship.

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