Trending Now…Concierge Medicine Company Found Liable for Doctor’s Negligence

The recent verdict against MDVIP has renewed media attention regarding the benefits and drawbacks of concierge medicine and we welcome the resulting open dialogue taking place in our industry. When media reached out to Specialdocs for an expert opinion from a seasoned veteran, President Roberta Greenspan shared her thoughts:

On the impact on concierge medicine: “The concierge practice model has such traction now after more than 14 years of exposure and education that this should have negligible long-term impact on the space.”
On MDVIP’s model: “MDVIP has done an excellent job over the past 14 years.  They have built a foundation for the delivery of high quality care from their network of affiliated physicians directly to their patients.”
On the Florida lawsuit: “I’m not in a position to comment on the verdict.”

For additional details:
FLORIDA: Concierge Medicine Firm Found Liable For Doctor’s Negligence.