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‘Wearable’ Devices Not Just for the Young and Fit

The plethora of ‘wearable’ devices such as Fitbit, Jawbone and Apple to enhance wellness efforts is a trend worth noting, particularly for concierge medicine physicians and their patients. The technology enabled by these gadgets records heart rate, calories expended, and steps taken—all useful measures for patients looking to remain fit and healthy.  As a recent article by J.C Herz in Wired Magazine points out, however, this sophisticated technology has applications far beyond recording daily walks and meals. As a society, Hertz asserts, “we need to explore how to harness its power to help patients with chronic medical illnesses, such as emphysema, diabetes, or congestive heart failure.” At Specialdocs, we found his insights of great interest, as the potential of these innovations to advance medicine in the future is just beginning to be realized.

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