Webinar: Confronting the Practice Closure Crisis: How Independent Physicians are Using the Concierge Model to Fight Back

With 16,000 physician practices closing in 2020 and another 8,000 expected to close in 2021, the failures of the fee-for-service model have been exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic and are putting physician practices in further peril. Independent physicians in the fee-for-service model are particularly vulnerable.

An increasing number of physicians across the country are successfully defying the downward spiral by turning to the concierge or membership practice model.

On March 9, 2021, our expert panel discussed the current crisis and how the concierge model allowed them to gain control over their practice and not only survive but thrive.

This fast-moving discussion includes:

  • Concierge physicians Brian Bilchik, MD, and Zev Cohen, MD, who transitioned their practices to the membership medicine model during the pandemic.
  • Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief, Concierge Medicine Today, the world’s first media and news and educational resource for the concierge medicine marketplace.
  • Terry Bauer, CEO of Specialdocs Consultants, a pioneer in creating successful concierge medicine practices through proven transition and practice-growth strategies.

Webinar featured video segments and full version

[Full Version] Confronting the Practice Closure Crisis: How Independent Physicians are Using the Concierge Model to Fight Back
Brian Bilchik, MD, describes what led to his decision to transition to concierge medicine
Zev Cohen, MD, describes how the problems of the fee-for-service model compelled him to convert to concierge medicine
Dr. Cohen recalls why he chose Specialdocs over other concierge companies to support his practice transition to concierge medicine
Dr. Bilchik talks about his process for choosing a concierge medicine company and why Specialdocs was the best fit for his practice
Dr. Bilchik explains how the concierge model saved his group practice and how grateful his patients are for his decision
One year after launching his concierge practice, Dr. Cohen describes the impact of the model on him, his patients and his staff
Michael Tetreault of Concierge Medicine Today explains how the concierge model helps patients truly realize the value of their physician
Dr. Cohen explains why he believes that the concierge model will play a critical role sustaining primary care medicine.
Dr. Bilchik describes how current medical students are negatively perceiving primary care medicine and how the concierge model offers physicians a chance to regain their passion for medicine.
Dr. Bilchik recalls how he and the partners in his group practice managed the decision-making process of transitioning to concierge medicine.
Dr. Cohen describes the challenges of opening a concierge practice in a smaller market and how Specialdocs helped him overcome them.
The panelists offer their closing comments and suggestions for physicians considering concierge medicine

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