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What We’re Reading: The Latest on Staying Connected in Healthcare

The social media and tech revolution is transforming every industry it touches, and healthcare is just beginning to tap into its vast potential. Physician-patient engagement on social media and the intersection of technology and patient care are being explored and debated with passion, and at Specialdocs, we’re following the discussion with great interest. We present some of the latest thinking, below, and will continue to provide updates about this rapidly evolving trend…

Social Media

In a Forbes Q&A, Dr. Kevin Campbell champions social media use as the future of healthcare and urges doctors to consider social media engagement as an extension of the physician-patient relationship. Read the conversation: https://t.co/BfH5Mg0Gak

Medical Economics shared a number of best practices for physicians looking to use social media to promote their medical practices. Click here for a look at how to build a strong online presence without compromising patient privacy: Medical Economics: “How Social Media Can Help Promote Your Practice”

What if health communications was like Buzzfeed? asks 33charts.com in an intriguing look at how several top social sites present information. Can these tactics be adapted for more effective patient communication? Read Dr. Bryan Vartabedian’s opinion here: http://bit.ly/1EwccJP


Automating empathy may seem like a contradiction in terms, but startup HealthLoop, aims to develop messaging technology to do just that, as reported in Healthcare Finance. Read more about this physician-created technological development: http://bit.ly/1T0Cq32

Telemedicine, while gaining popularity, is still largely unused by family physicians, according to a recent survey conducted by American Family Physician that revealed a usage rate of 15 percent among this group of doctors. Cost, lack of training and liability issues are a few adoption barriers cited; view the full report: http://bit.ly/1ZqeuVJ


We’ve highlighted the controversy surrounding electronic medical recordkeeping (EMR) in past posts, but this video and accompanying article tell the story in a completely different way: KevinMD.com: “We Need to Demand Technology that Lets Doctors be Doctors”

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