What Is A Concierge Doctor?

Frustration with our healthcare system is growing, and it’s not hard to understand why. Patients often report feeling upset with the limited amount of time they see their doctors compared to how long they spend waiting. They can be disheartened by the impersonal nature of office visits as they’re rushed through their appointments to make way for the next patient.

Many say their doctors seem distracted and too preoccupied with other matters to give them their full attention. In a great deal of cases, these complaints are all too valid. However, the problems are more than likely symptoms of the way doctor’s offices do business. Relying on reimbursements from insurance companies typically means physicians and their teams are overwhelmed with paperwork and have to crowd their schedules with appointments to maintain steady revenue.

There is an alternative in the form of concierge medicine. But what is a concierge medical practice, and what does “concierge doctor” mean? Read on to learn more about this model of care and how it differs from the traditional structure.

What Is a Concierge Doctor?

Unlike the majority of their peers, these primary care physicians opt not to rely on being reimbursed by insurance providers for their services. Instead, they offer treatment through a subscription or membership model. Patients pay a flat fee on an annual or monthly basis, which gives them access to whatever care they need.

What Can Patients Expect From a Concierge Doctor?

In addition to all the care they would receive from a traditional doctor’s office, concierge patients can expect a higher level of service and attention. As opposed to the typical setup, where appointments usually mean only seeing the doctor for a few minutes, these physicians offer much more of their time and focus. This is because they don’t need to see as many patients and can devote more of their schedule to each individual. This also means a patient doesn’t have to wait as long for an appointment. In many cases, he or she can call in and be able to see the doctor that same day.

Because they have more time to spend with each person they treat face-to-face, concierge doctors also concentrate more on preventive care. This helps patients make healthier lifestyle choices so they can prevent and avoid health problems that would require serious interventions later in life.

What Does a Concierge Doctor Do?

Aside from the difference in the billing structure, concierge doctors are no different from any other primary care physician. They have received the same education and training and offer all the same services. They’re just as capable of treating all kinds of health conditions, injuries and diseases as any other licensed medical doctor.

How Do Patients Benefit From Seeing a Concierge Doctor?

People who are members of a concierge practice tend to have much higher levels of satisfaction with the treatment they receive than those who visit traditional doctor’s offices. First and foremost, they receive more face time with their physicians because there’s less bureaucracy and a smaller patient population overall. Secondly, without the restrictions placed on them by insurers, these doctors are free to pursue any treatment option that they feel will be most successful. On top of that, these physicians experience less burnout and stress, which in turn leads to a better relationship with patients and more personalized care.

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