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Michael Friedlander


Michael Friedlander brings over four decades of business experience in financial planning, marketing and risk management evaluation to Specialdocs Consultants. Michael began his career in the investment banking business, working on Wall Street and then as a member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

After 20 years, Michael left the financial world and made a decisive career change. He established a successful marketing and sales promotion consulting company in Chicago, specializing in innovative marketing programs for a wide range of corporate clients.

After selling his marketing company, in the early 1990’s he affiliated with a high-profile commercial printing and electronic media communications corporation in suburban Chicago. While overseeing one of the print divisions, in 2002 Michael was introduced to Roberta Greenspan and her new healthcare consulting firm, Specialdocs Consultants. Initially working with Roberta as a consultant, his strong business acumen and expertise in the areas of marketing, customer service, and risk management became invaluable assets to the growth and success of Specialdocs. In 2007, Michael became a full partner at Specialdocs.

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