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8 Questions to Consider Before You Sign With a Concierge Medicine Transition Consultant

You’re ready to make one of the most important decisions of your professional life…and your consultant partner may make the difference between success and failure. Consider these factors when choosing a consultant.

       1. Who Will I Talk To When I Call Your Office?

When you phone a consultant’s office, consider if your calls will be answered by a call center or by a dedicated team member who will personally assist you and your patients. They should be providing the same concierge care to physician-clients that you plan to deliver to your patients.

       2. What Are The Terms Of My Contract?

Look for a fair and equitable contract that doesn’t ‘bind’ you to a company.  Ideally you will want to stay with your consultant after the original contract expires not because you have to, but because you want to.

      3. Will I Retain Ownership Of My Practice?

You’ve worked a lifetime to build your practice. Look for a consultant who will remain behind the scenes and put you at the forefront.

      4. Who Controls My Fee Revenues?

Ask your consultant if you will have access to your funds at all times.

      5. Will I Receive Regulatory Guidance?

You will need expert health care counsel to review and approve all your transition documents, and to offer continuing updates and legal opinions on relevant practice issues.

      6. Will I Receive Ongoing Practice Growth Support?

Unique marketing offerings help you not only grow your practice, but retain your current patients – even the low utilizers. Consider a consultant who offers services such as a customized website, personalized quarterly newsletter, a patient satisfaction survey and a range of other practice growth initiatives tailored specifically for you.

      7. Will My New Practice Reflect My Philosophy and Values?

Your transition plan and concierge medicine practice should be exclusively designed for you, customized to fit your needs.

      8. Do You Have a Proven Record of Successful Transitions?

You have only one opportunity to make a successful transition, so it’s essential to choose a partner with a proven track record and respected leadership in the industry.