Dr. Tom Lagrelius, one of the early “Special Docs,” discusses the benefits of concierge medicine in a wide-ranging interview on Concierge Medicine Radio

Dr. Tom Lagrelius, a family physician based in Torrance, California, transitioned to concierge medicine with help from Specialdocs a decade ago, and recently discussed his first 10 years in practice with Concierge Medicine Radio.  Among his many thoughtful insights was the need for advice from an excellent consultant when transitioning.  His choice: Specialdocs’ Roberta Greenspan, who “has converted well over 100 practices across the country and really knows the law and all the details of arranging a conversion.”  Dr. Lagrelius further praised Specialdocs for their personalized attention to patients who called the dedicated phone line with concerns during the transition process. “We set up a line where patients could call after hours, and the consultants took whatever time was needed to answer their questions,” he said.  To listen to the complete podcast, http://shar.es/1aBdT1