At the Heart of Medicine: Cardiology and the Concierge Model

During American Heart Month in February, cardiologists around the country are welcoming the opportunity to share information on risk factors, new treatments, prevention strategies and heart-healthy practices to a responsive patient audience.  For physicians who converted their cardiology practices to a concierge model, it’s the way they care for patients every month, and underscores why this sub-specialty makes an ideal fit for personalized medicine.   Our Specialdocs explain:

“Those specialties where patients have a longitudinal relationship with their doctor to work on chronic problems are an ideal fit for the concierge model.  If you’re the kind of cardiologist who helps patients work on chronic valve disease, coronary disease, or other areas of preventive cardiology, a concierge practice vastly improves your ability to provide the very best care for each and every patient.” Cardiologist John R. Levinson, MD, PhD, founder of the country’s first concierge subspecialty practice, AllCare Medical, LLC, in Boston

“So many risk factors circle around heart health—diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol—that being able to assume the primary care role and manage these issues upfront makes cardiology an ideal fit for concierge medicine. The opportunity to treat the whole patient and address their entire scope of medical issues translates to better, more personalized medicine.” E. Thomas Arne, Jr., DO, FACC, Gulfshore Personalized Care