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Specialdocs’ Leslie Mitchell and ‘Special Doc’ Monica Sarang, MD Recognized as Industry-Leading Women in Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine Today has named Leslie Mitchell at Specialdocs Consultants, LLC, and Monica Sarang, MD, primary care concierge physician in Burbank, CA and Specialdocs physician-client, to its second annual list of Industry Leading Women.

“Women in the business of healthcare are impacting the lives of countless people and guiding big brands in the space toward the future. In the operating hours of each day, they have the unique opportunity to influence what could be and what should be,” says Catherine Sykes, CEO/Publisher of Concierge Medicine Today. “This year, we are pleased to recognize another 13 women who have produced incredible work and succeeded in overcoming challenging business hurdles. Most importantly, they are paving the way for other females and serve as inspiring role models for younger generations.”

Leslie Mitchell was described as “a peerless, passionate advocate for concierge medicine and for her commitment to meeting the needs of Specialdocs’ physician-clients, which has earned her a place as most trusted advisor.” In her role as vice president of physician-client services, she’s “the knowledgeable, responsive guide whom physicians depend on throughout their relationship with Specialdocs. Leslie’s goal with every transition is to create the physician’s dream practice and the patients’ best experience,” according to Concierge Medicine Today.

“I’m honored to be recognized,” says Leslie. “I’ve always been passionate about helping physicians overcome some of today’s toughest challenges. They come to Specialdocs feeling frustrated, overworked, near burnout, and they’ve lost the joy of practicing medicine. It’s extremely rewarding to help them change to a practice model that literally transforms their professional and personal lives…and those of their patients.”

Dr. Monica Sarang was also deeply gratified to receive industry recognition for her year-old concierge medicine practice, which enables her to provide the kind of care and attention she set as her standard 16 years ago but was increasingly unable to provide in today’s healthcare environment.

“The focus on speed and technology versus listening and compassion was not the way I wanted to practice medicine,” she says. “Both doctor and patient want more from each other than can be accomplished in a 10-minute time slot. Now I have time to strengthen the connection with my patients. When they leave my office, there’s no question left unanswered. We are building a partnership that enables early diagnosis and treatment, and ultimately improves outcomes.”

Specialdocs’ Roberta Greenspan, recognized as a “Leading Woman” in 2014, says: “Dr. Sarang’s feelings speak to exactly why I founded the company 14 years ago. Specialdocs was my vision for allowing physicians quality time to develop the strong relationships with patients that are at the heart of the best medicine.”

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Hear from both Mitchell and Dr. Sarang in the video below.