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10 Ways to Market Your Concierge Medical Practice

Are you looking for innovative marketing ideas to promote your medical practice? Specialdocs Consultants, LLC, a pioneer in transitioning traditional medical practices to independent, custom-designed concierge models, offers their physician-clients support with a variety of proven post-transition marketing initiatives to help them grow their practices.

For more than 13 years, Specialdocs has researched and implemented numerous marketing tactics for our physician-clients…and we’re still adding more. In this post, we offer 10 highly effective initiatives you can use to raise awareness of your medical practice.

10 Ways to Market your Concierge Medical Practice:

  1. Host an open house. Invite your family, friends and colleagues to attend an open house at your medical practice.
  2. Get active on social media. It’s no secret that successful brands regularly utilize their social media accounts. To get started, create a Facebook page for your medical practice and post a link to a healthcare-related article.
  3. Encourage patient reviews. Word-of-mouth is a valuable method for promoting your practice, and in this digital age it’s easier than ever to spread the word.
  4. Create a video clip. Record a short video clip on an interesting health topic that you feel passionately about and post it on your website and social media sites.
  5. Start a book of the month club. Compile a recommended reading list and discuss books in a blog format or meet in a formal discussion group. Select books with a theme that is medical or, inspirational.
  6. Provide an evening lecture series. Present quarterly programs on relevant medical topics.
  7. Become an expert for the media. Write a column for your local newspaper, magazine or website which will increase your exposure in the community.
  8. Sponsor a community event. Demonstrate your concern and appreciation for community organizations by participating in, or sponsoring, a charitable activity. Look on your community’s calendar for charitable runs/walks, blood drives or food/clothing collections.
  9. Send direct mailers to area residents. Far from being an outdated tactic, a direct mailer may help your practice stand out.
  10. Update and optimize your website. Maintaining a well-designed website is a basic marketing tool that every physician should utilize. Take your digital presence a step further by sharing top health news articles or your professional insights on a blog.

Did you implement an unusual, yet successful, marketing strategy that wasn’t listed here? Do any of these methods stand out to you as being particularly effective? Share these tips with your colleagues and let us know your thoughts on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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