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Membership Medicine… Relationships at the Center

“Special Doc” Uday Jani, MD, was recently featured in an article by Medical Economics titled, “Here’s why membership medicine is gaining physician attention.” He thoughtfully explains how the change to membership medicine at his practice, Shore View Personalized Medical Care in Milton, DE, has positively impacted his relationships with patients.

Before practicing membership medicine, Dr. Jani had a large patient panel and struggled to manage his time and rising overhead. As Dr. Jani shared with Medical Economics, he looked into the alternative practice model after a particularly unsatisfying visit with a patient who suffered from multiple diseases and ailments:

“I walked out of the room, and I stopped,” Jani says, “realizing there must be unexplored issues. I thought, ‘I can help this guy so much more.’”

After Dr. Jani’s transition to membership medicine, patients now have access to his cell phone and e-mail and benefit from extended appointments with time to focus on general wellness and discuss personal issues.

Dr. Jani recognizes the positive effect membership medicine has made on his patients:

“We sit and talk; patients don’t feel rushed,” he says. “It’s a better quality of life for [physicians], definitely, but the patient has to be the centerpiece. They will be healthier. If you’re thinking ‘I’m going to make more money,’ that’s not the reason to do it because that won’t happen.”

Some people believe membership medicine only works for physicians in affluent areas, but Dr. Jani disagrees:

“People who had to make some cuts [in spending] somewhere joined because they felt that their health was important to them,” he says. “I don’t think money is the issue.”

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