Specialdocs is in the News!

A look at the rise of concierge medicine in the most recent issue of Medical Economics featured insights from “Special Doc” Jeffrey Puglisi, MD, and Specialdocs Chief Medical Advisor Patrick Tokarz, MD.  Both shared their reasons for transitioning, and offered experienced advice for physicians considering the concierge medicine model.

“Concierge physicians are not driven by the need to maximize reimbursements, which allows us to be patient-centered rather than insurance-centered,” Dr. Tokarz told Medical Economics.

“My strength is in building relationships, and you can’t really do that when you’re seeing patients every six to eight minutes,” Dr. Puglisi said.

Regarding his successful transition in 2015, Dr. Puglisi explained: “Any physician planning to make this change needs a clearly delineated timeline as to how they will implement it. If patients are clearly educated about why you’re transitioning, you’re more likely to have a full practice at the end of the day.”

Read the full article, “Concierge medicine becomes an option in reform era” here.