Specialdocs Partners with Boston Internist Maryann Shea, MD to Launch Concierge Medicine Offering at Wellesley Primary Care

In response to rising patient demand for high-quality, distinctively personalized care, Dr. Maryann Shea, working with Specialdocs, today launches her concierge medicine offering at Boston-area Wellesley Primary Care Medicine (WPCM).

Dr. Shea’s membership medicine practice, with a smaller patient panel and direct availability 24/7, reflects the individualized approach introduced at WPCM in 2019 by founder Dr. Alan Glaser.

“I saw firsthand how the time, attention and detailed knowledge of each patient enabled by the concierge medicine model made a profound difference throughout the pandemic,” says Dr. Shea. “Going forward, there’s no question it’s the best way to ensure patients continue to receive the type of care they need to maintain their health in a challenging environment.”

“Concierge medicine offers the best approach to maintaining our patients’ health in a challenging environment.”
Dr. Shea

Patients at Dr. Shea’s concierge practice benefit from same-day appointments when ill, in-depth visits with no waiting, and personally tailored plans for long-term wellness. Importantly, patients can call Dr. Shea outside of office hours on her cell phone to receive immediate guidance.

“I’m grateful to provide this tremendous peace of mind to patients, and help them avoid unnecessary visits to the emergency room or hospital admissions,” she says. “I will be available when they need me most, whether it’s on the weekend or in the middle of the night.”

Dr. Shea has built an outstanding reputation for her compassionate, collaborative care of patients in the Boston area for more than 20 years, including the last eight as staff physician at WPCM. She has a special affinity for working with older patients, dedicated to guiding each individual’s path to healthy aging.

“A genuine focus on preventive care, rather than just treating symptoms, is key,” she explains, “along with honest, open discussions of how to cope with some of the trickier issues that can occur during the senior years.”

For long-time patient and Nantucket resident Anna S., 77, Dr. Shea’s approach exemplifies why she considers joining the practice a worthwhile investment. “It’s a question of priorities,” she reveals, “and remaining well and mobile is my most essential one, not just for me, but for my family. I know Dr. Shea will do everything possible to help me preserve my active lifestyle and independence. She is incredibly thorough and empathetic, always responds promptly, listens carefully, and ensures I have a clear action plan going forward.”

Anna adds: “And she has a fantastic sense of humor! I can’t think of a better physician, or person, to have in my life.”

“We welcome Dr. Shea to our network of exceptional concierge doctors,” says Specialdocs CEO Terry Bauer, “all fully committed to preserving the vital physician-patient relationship.”

About Dr. Shea

  • Chief Resident, Internal Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical Center
  • Doctor of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine
  • Master’s of Medical Science, Boston University

Wellesley Primary Care Medicine
65 Walnut Street
Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

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