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Specialdocs Staff Training

“The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is not training employees and keeping them.” Zig Ziglar, best-selling author and motivational speaker, 1926-2012

Providing an excellent experience for concierge patients starts well before their appointment; in fact, it begins with the first call to the office. Whether newly transitioned or in an established concierge practice, it’s important for physicians to ask…is your staff setting the right tone? The best way to ensure an affirmative answer is by providing expert staff training, ideally administered by experienced professionals who can help your valued employees view their performance objectively. The most effective programs are interactive, encouraging staff to work together to identify areas that may need improvement and collaborate on ways to raise the bar in terms of service and develop best practice standards. More than simply a one-time exercise, staff training programs require an ongoing investment of time from both physician and employees, and a real commitment to continually delivering service excellence.

At Specialdocs, we recognize the critical role staff plays in shaping the patient experience, and for that reason, offer our physician-clients training programs for the newly opened practice as well as a refresher course for experienced employees. In every office, there’s always room for improvement and we guide staff through a series of exercises and discussions to help them pinpoint those areas. There are virtually hundreds of ways exceptional care is perceived…and nothing is more important than helping staff discover the ones that resonate best with your patients.