Specialdocs welcomes Dr. Amy Loden to our national network of concierge physicians

Working with Specialdocs, Dr. Amy Loden has launched a concierge medical practice in west St. Louis County, where a rising number of physicians and their patients are seeking the benefits of highly personalized, preventive care.

“We are gratified to welcome Dr. Loden and Family Nurse Practitioner Anna Burke to our national network of exceptional concierge medicine providers. The impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt in St. Louis and across the country, underscoring the irreplaceable value of long-term physician-patient relationships at the heart of our concierge medicine model,” says Terry Bauer, Specialdocs CEO.

“One of the pandemic’s most essential lessons is that our current system is not set up to provide preventive care for adults with chronic health issues,” says Dr. Loden. “However, we know we can effectively address, and even reverse, conditions such as obesity, hypertension or high glucose levels, with individually tailored care. It takes a deep understanding of each patient, time to educate and advise, and a fully committed relationship – the cornerstones of my new practice. These are almost impossible to achieve in a traditional setting, and inspired my change to concierge medicine, enabling me to provide thoughtful, proactive care for the whole patient.”

Keeping the practice small benefits patients with unhurried visits, extended hours, prompt attention, 24/7 direct communication with Dr. Loden or Anna, and a greatly enhanced focus on preventive medicine.

For patient J.R., 43, continuing to improve her health and eliminate medications was an important reason to join, but even more compelling is the way Dr. Loden and Anna have always responded to her, she says. “They listen, they take my concerns seriously and act on them quickly. There’s nothing more important, or harder to find.”

Chesterfield patient F.W., 41, describes the new concierge model as “a way to prioritize my health in a way I never have, with people I completely trust. I don’t come from a healthy family and I’m determined to change that with me.”

Dr. Loden guides her patients through complex medical situations and advocates personally for them if hospitalized. At Vitality, comprehensive, 60-minute annual evaluations with advanced biometric screening tests are offered, along with intensive monitoring for chronic diseases, allergy testing, immunotherapy, telemedicine, health coaching and supervised weight loss.

About Amy Loden, MD, FACP

Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Loden graduated with honors from the University of Missouri School of Medicine, completed her internship at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, residency at Weill Cornell Medical Center in NY, and earned her MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. She is certified by the National Society of Health Coaches, the country’s first evidence-based coaching program.

Vitality Medical and Wellness Consulting
3009 N. Ballas Rd., on the Missouri Baptist Medical campus, St. Louis, MO
(314) 806-0440

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Specialdocs has provided expert guidance to physicians across the country since 2002, helping them transform their practices and their lives with one of the most viable, sustainable concierge medicine models in the industry.

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