Specialdocs welcomes first OB-GYN to national network of leading concierge physicians

Dr. Rebecca Perlow, a highly respected OB-GYN physician with more than two decades of experience, has partnered with concierge medicine experts Specialdocs Consultants to offer an exceptionally personalized approach to care at Perlow Health & Wellness.

“We are gratified to help Dr. Perlow realize her deeply felt vision of providing remarkable healthcare for women, inspired by the powerful patient-physician connection at the heart of our concierge medicine model,” says Specialdocs CEO Terry Bauer.

Dr. Perlow is the first OB-GYN specialist to become part of Specialdocs’ national network of concierge physicians. At her southern California-based practice, Perlow Health & Wellness, Dr. Perlow offers exceptionally personalized care for women at every stage of life.

Known fondly as “Dr. Rebecca” to her patients, she has earned a stellar reputation for her clinical skills and compassionate guidance to women at every stage, from adolescence through the post-menopause years.

“My goal is to provide superior medical care while embracing each woman’s unique journey,” says Dr. Perlow. “I love making this journey with my patients!”

Dr. Perlow added, “Helping an obstetric patient make a new family or guiding a woman through a challenging menopause requires the highest level of trust, nurtured carefully with time and empathy. This is simply not possible in a traditional practice. The Specialdocs concierge model frees me from time constraints and administrative bureaucracy, allowing me to focus solely on patient concerns…a change long needed in women’s healthcare.”

A 36-year-old Tarzana resident and long-time patient, identified here as “HH”, says Dr. Perlow is irreplaceable. Due to a rare birth defect, HH was told she could not safely have children. Sharing the devastating diagnosis with Dr. Perlow, however, completely turned her life around.

“She did her own research and was adamant that childbirth was possible for me,” recalls HH. “Dr. Perlow was dedicated to my physical and mental well-being throughout my pregnancy. She gave me the greatest gift anyone could; a child.”

After bringing her baby home, Dr. Perlow’s daily check-ins by phone or text proved immensely reassuring.

“Knowing that I can always connect when I need Dr. Perlow most is a tremendous benefit of her concierge practice,” says HH.

A 54-year-old Northridge resident, identified here as “KG”, has been a patient of Dr. Perlow’s for 17 years. KG says she was drawn to Dr. Perlow’s holistic view of women’s health and a rare openness to non-standard but evidence-based treatments.

“When I started to experience some unpleasant changes associated with menopause, I didn’t want traditional oral hormone therapy,” she explains. “Dr. Perlow understood, and recommended bioidentical hormone pellet therapy that worked extremely well to reduce the negative effects of menopause.”

KG says her most recent appointment was an unhurried 40 minutes, spanning both medical and psycho-social issues.

“I felt seen, heard and thoroughly evaluated,” she says.

About Perlow Health & Wellness, a concierge practice

The patient panel is intentionally kept small, enabling same-day appointments, little or no office waiting room time and extended visits. Patients receive Dr. Perlow’s personal cell phone number and email for direct contact after hours. 5525 Etiwanda Avenue in Tarzana, CA, 818-697-1650.

About Specialdocs Consultants

Since 2002, Specialdocs has helped physicians nationwide transform their practices with a unique, sustainable concierge medicine model.

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