Starting a Concierge Medical Practice with a Consultant? What You Need to Know

Starting a concierge medical practice is one of the most important decisions of your professional life and your consultant partner can make the difference between success and failure. Previously, we recommended questions to ask as you considered working with a consultant. In this post, we explain the Specialdocs difference and how we work with physicians who are starting a concierge medical practice and well beyond. Following are questions to consider before you sign with a consultant.

What Are The Terms Of My Contract?

Look for a fair and equitable contract that doesn’t ‘bind’ you to a company.  At Specialdocs, our clients stay with us after the original contract expires not because they have to, but because they want to.

Who Controls My Fee Revenues?

Ask your consultant if you will have access to your funds at all times.  Specialdocs deposits membership fee funds directly into client accounts in real time and your revenues are just that – your revenues. We do not control any part of when or how you wish to handle them.

Do You Have a Proven Record of Successful Transitions?

You have only one opportunity as you are starting a concierge medical practice with a consultant to make a successful transition, so it’s essential to choose a partner with a proven track record and respected leadership in the industry. With a 15-year history of success and well-earned reputation for integrity, Specialdocs is one of the industry’s pioneers, dedicated to thoughtful, responsible growth.

Will I Retain Ownership Of My Practice?

You’ve worked a lifetime to build your practice. Specialdocs remains behind the scenes always, and puts you at the forefront.

Will I Receive Regulatory Guidance?

You will need expert health care counsel to review and approve all your transition documents, and to offer continuing updates and legal opinions on relevant practice issues. Specialdocs taps into the collective knowledge of the nation’s leading concierge medicine legal counselors to offer guidance and help keep you legally compliant with the latest regulations.

Will I Receive Ongoing Practice Growth Support?

Even the most successful practice can expect an attrition rate of 5% annually. Unique marketing offerings not only help you retain your current patients, but reach out to potential ones using today’s best tools. Specialdocs provides a range of growth initiatives tailored specifically for each practice.

Will My New Practice Reflect My Philosophy and Values?

Your transition plan and concierge medicine practice should be exclusively designed for you, customized to fit your needs. At Specialdocs, we welcome you as part of our family, but you remain autonomous and in charge of your brand and the way your practice medicine.

Who Will I Talk To When I Call Your Office?

When you phone a consultant’s office, consider if your calls will be answered by a call center or by a dedicated team member who will personally assist you and your patients. Specialdocs provides the same concierge care to physician-clients that you plan to deliver to your patients.