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Introducing STEP: Specialdocs Test for Evaluating Physicians

Physicians, are you interested in the promise of concierge medicine? If so, take the Specialdocs Test for Evaluating Physicians (STEP). Once you have completed the STEP form, your answers will help us determine if your practice is the right fit for this increasingly popular alternative to the traditional medical practice model.

For more than 13 years, we have partnered with physicians across the country who wanted to make the transition to concierge medicine, and used proven criteria to evaluate and assess each one’s likelihood for success. Your STEP results represent some of the key factors we’ve identified as essential when considering this important change…literally the first steps.

Why Transition to Concierge Medicine?

A growing number of physicians in traditional medical practices are frustrated with the current healthcare landscape, expressing concerns regarding:

  • Time-consuming EMRs
  • Remaining independent
  • Long hours
  • Stressful environment
  • Changing government regulations
  • Declining insurance reimbursements
  • Large patient panel sizes with not enough time for each patient
  • Feeling rushed or making a mistake

All combine to create an environment in which physicians feel pressured to make a change or else experience burnout.

Many physicians who transition to concierge medicine find they have a better work-life balance, with more time to focus on patients’ preventive care and wellness and the ability to sustain their medical career long-term… and to once again practice medicine they way they envisioned it during medical school.

You may already fit the profile of a concierge physician with:

Your Care. You consider the physician-patient relationship at the heart of good medicine. 

Your Focus. Your focus is increasingly on prevention and wellness versus only treating acute issues.

Your Time. You value the time available to fully care for your patients at each visit.

Now, we invite you to take the next STEP and find out if your practice is the right fit for concierge medicine.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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