puglisi assembly atlanta

Teaching, learning and knowledge sharing at the Concierge Medicine Assembly

At the recent industry conference in Atlanta, sponsored by Concierge Medicine Today, panels of informed experts discussed with enthusiasm some of today’s most relevant issues.  Specialdocs founder Roberta Greenspan offered her perspective on how physicians feel about practicing medicine prior to transitioning to the concierge model. “They often say they are losing their passion, burning out, and the way they are forced to practice is not what they envisioned when they graduated medical school.”  Still, it’s not easy to make the change, she says.  Most are anxious about the future success of their practice, and are concerned their patients won’t understand that the primary motivation for change is about continuing to provide the best possible care.  After the transition, however, “without exception, our physicians are much happier…they even look younger as the stress just falls away. It’s an amazing transformation,” she told the group.  Click to read the full story.

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