Top 5 questions physicans ask when considering concierge medicine 3

Top 5 Questions Physicians Ask When Considering a Change to Concierge Medicine…

    1. How do you determine if I will be successful as a concierge physician? Over the years, we have developed screening processes which include a physician survey along with a list of proven criteria that allows us to evaluate and determine the physician’s likelihood for success.   Sample criteria include experience in the specialty or sub-specialty, tenure in the community, patient loyalty, patient panel size, and current employment agreements.
    2. What services do you provide? Specialdocs provides a comprehensive range of services to support physician transitions which include:  practice evaluation and assessment, comprehensive regulatory guidance, training and staff support, creation of all patient communication materials, annual fee billing, and ongoing practice growth support.
    3. What is your fee structure? Specialdocs is compensated based on a percentage of the annual patient enrollment fees collected, with a sliding scale adjustment each year.  Therefore, we are deeply invested in the long-term success of our physician-clients.
    4. How long does a transition take? Although every one of our physician transitions is unique and we are able to work within most time frames, for optimum success we typically prefer a six month period to most appropriately transition a traditional practice to a concierge medicine model.
    5. How many patients do I need to be successful? Every physician’s definition of success is different.  There are a number of factors that determine the appropriate number of patients for a successful practice.  These may include financial as well as lifestyle goals, needs of the patients, and the commitment that has been made to patients.

With the ongoing changes in our country’s health care system, now more than ever, physicians need assistance and professional guidance when exploring their options. Helping our physician-clients to reach their goals is our passion. Our team at Specialdocs is here to answer any additional questions you may have.