Uday Jani

“Special Doc” Uday Jani, MD, Explains How Concierge and Functional Medicine Intersect

Trained in both functional and integrative medicine, physician-client Uday Jani, MD, was recently featured in the Cape Gazette for blending both approaches into highly individualized care at his private concierge practice in Milton, Delaware.

Dr. Jani, a board-certified internist, has completed advanced training in the emerging specialty of functional medicine – an approach that treats illness and promotes wellness by identifying the complex intersection of genetics, environment and lifestyle factors unique to each patient. Transitioning to concierge medicine was essential, he says, to best apply the consultative and collaborative approach of functional medicine.

“This type of medicine takes time…to listen to the patient, to create an individualized plan together, to discuss challenges along the way and develop strategies for success. Making the change to a concierge medicine practice several years ago has given me that time, allowing me to provide patients with what I believe is the best medical approach possible,” he says.

Dr. Jani will present a series of talks in May on this topic for members at his practice and for the community at local libraries. Learn more about the functional medicine approach in the press release, here.