Welcome to our newest “Special Doc”, Monica Sarang, MD…offering concierge care in southern California

Even in the star-studded environs of Burbank, California, home to the country’s best-known movie and television studios, Dr. Monica Sarang proves to have star power of her own. The 16-year veteran of private practice recently made the change to concierge medicine, assisted by Specialdocs Consultants.  Dr. Sarang says ever longer wait times for physical exams and acute appointments, continually seeing more patients in less time, and spending too many hours on non-care tasks spurred her decision to jump off the treadmill to a new model of medicine.

“The current healthcare environment rewards speed and technology, not listening, thinking and compassion.  I was certain there must be a better way to provide the kind of care and attention I set as my standard in 1999…but it required a change,” explains Sarang. “I couldn’t be more excited about the promise of my new practice and the opportunity it brings to address multiple issues in one visit, focus on prevention and wellness and serve as my patients’ medical advocates whenever and wherever needed. It’s the way medicine used to be practiced, and it’s the way we know it still should be practiced.”

Dr. Sarang opened the doors earlier this month to her Personalized Medical Care practice, at 201 South Buena Vista Street Suite 250 in Burbank, California.  For more information, visit www.sarangmd.com  or call (818) 471-4930.