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We have been so impressed with the level of effort and expertise being produced across the Specialdocs network of concierge physicians, that we developed this page to support all physicians during this unprecedented time.

Scroll down to view important resources and examples of how our physician clients are stepping up to meet the needs and expectations of their patients — and how Specialdocs is supporting them along the way.

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Innovations Timeline
February 27, 2020
Specialdocs begins launching weekly, personalized email updates on COVID-19 from physicians to their patients. The emails are tailored to reflect city and state health guidelines and individual practice news.
March 13, 2020
Specialdocs installs real-time news feeds from HHS and local health departments on physician websites across the country. A COVID-19 informational page is also added to each website, presenting personalized resources requested by each individual practice.
March 17, 2020
Specialdocs and Dr. Zev Cohen team up to provide physicians account setup, training and regulatory guidance for telehealth visits on the platform.
March 25, 2020
Specialdocs introduces Digitalcare100, a platform enabling physicians to record and send personalized, informational video messages to their patients through text message.
March 30, 2020
Specialdocs hosts its first COVID-19 Clinical Conference, a virtual, open forum for Specialdocs physicians to discuss their experiences and best practices for practice operations and COVID-19 patient care.
April 3, 2020
Specialdocs physicians from Glenville Medical Concierge Care partner with their local government and hospital to hold its first live virtual town hall on COVID-19 in Greenwich, CT. The video is shared on local government website and has over 1,600 views.
April 7, 2020
Specialdocs holds its second Clinical Conference. As COVID-19 infection rates continue to climb the conference is focused on the status of telehealth resources, PPE availability and physician mental wellness.
April 14, 2020
The Specialdocs Clinical Conference features Karen Beard, Ph.D., who provides guidance on dealing with the mental health fallout of the COVID-19 crises for both physicians and patients.
April 16, 2020
Physicians from Northern Virginia Family Practice hold their first weekly virtual town hall titled “Be Well, Virginia”. Video recordings of their town hall series have over 120 views.
April 21, 2020
In response to the increasing importance of video communications, Specialdocs invites Nadia Bilchik, a former CNN reporter and executive coach, to join the weekly Clinical Conference and coach Specialdocs physicians on providing effective video communication.
April 28, 2020
Howard Robin, MD, a clinical pathologist, joins the weekly Specialdocs Clinical Conference to discuss the status of antibody testing.
May 12, 2020
Albert Holt, MD, Head of Critical Care Medicine at the Inova Health System in Northern Virginia, joins the weekly Specialdocs Clinical Conference to discuss safely re-opening and operating medical offices.

Webinars from our physicians

Virtual Town Hall by Northern Virginia Family Practice (recorded 5-7-20)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Stress Management During COVID-19 by Morris Hasson, MD (recorded 5-4-20)

Creating Opportunities in a COVID-19 Crisis by Richard Larew, MD (recorded 5-4-20)

Virtual Town Hall by Northern Virginia Family Practice (recorded 5-1-20)

ARB-ACEI Discussion with Monica Sarang, MD (recorded 5-1-20)

Virtual Town Hall by Northern Virginia Family Practice (recorded 4-23-20)

COVID-19 Patient Q&A by Lifetime Internal Medicine (recorded 4-23-20)

Weight Management during COVID-19 by Morris Hasson, MD (recorded 4-23-20)

Patient Q&A and FAQs by Scott Tong, MD (recorded 4-20-20)

Virtual Town Hall by Northern Virginia Family Practice (recorded 4-16-20)

Human Kind: How to Mentally Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic by Monica Sarang, MD (recorded 4-6-20)

Greenwich Community Tele-forum by Glenville Medical Concierge Care (recorded 4-3-20)

Patient videos from our physicians

Patient Video: Dealing with Fear and Grief During COVID-19 by Uday Jani, MD (recorded 5-11-20)

Patient Video: Vitals Check by Cardenas Internal Medicine (recorded 5-10-20)

Patient Video: The Benefits of Belly Breathing by Uday Jani, MD (recorded 5-6-20)

Patient Video: Is staying in stressing you out? by North Cypress Internal Medicine (recorded 5-6-20)

Patient Video: Acupressure for immunity and stress by Uday Jani, MD (recorded 5-1-20)

Patient Video: Widespread testing in LA County by Monica Sarang, MD (recorded 4-30-20)

Patient Video: Welcome to our new video platform by North Cypress Internal Medicine (recorded 4-21-20)

Patient Video: Antibody Testing: Beyond the Basics by Morris Hasson, MD (recorded 4-29-20)

Patient Video: The ‘Twelve Days of COVID’ by Cardenas Internal Medicine (recorded 4-23-20)

Patient Video: Antibody Testing Status by Monica Sarang, MD (recorded 4-23-20)

Patient Video: Cardenas Internal Medicine (recorded 4-10-20)

Patient Video: Shore View Personalized Medical Care (recorded 4-10-20)

Patient Video: Healthcheck Personalized Medical Care (recorded 4-8-20)

Patient Video: Shore View Personalized Medical Care (recorded 4-4-20)

Patient Video: NOVAMED Associates (recorded 4-3-20)

Patient Video: Morris Hasson, MD Personalized Medical Care (recorded 4-3-20)

Patient Video: Cardenas Internal Medicine (recorded 4-3-20)

Patient Video: Shore View Personalized Medical Care (recorded 4-1-20)

Patient Video: COVID-19 and telemedicine updates from Sarang Medical Personalized Care (recorded 3-27-20)

Patient Video: Dr. Perlow describes her journey through the COVID-19 testing process (recorded 3-23-20)

Patient Video: COVID-19 update from PrivaMedis Concierge Medicine (recorded 3-17-20)

Webinars from Specialdocs

Successful telemedicine tools and usage featuring Zev Cohen, MD (recorded 3-17-20)

COVID-19 update with Infectious Disease Specialist, Ralph Cipriani, MD (recorded 3-14-20)

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