Why Specialdocs?

What makes Specialdocs’ expertise and approach to concierge medicine unique?

We welcome you as part of our family, but you remain autonomous and in charge of your income, your brand, and the way you practice medicine.

Every practice is different, and we help design one that best reflects your philosophy and your values.

Since 2002, we’ve empowered physicians to transition their practices and make an impact on the health of their communities across the United States.

Our 16 years of industry experience has provided us with invaluable insights into what makes a concierge physician successful. Here are a few:

  • You’re in control of your revenues.

    Unlike our competitors, we give you complete access to your membership-fee funds at all times, depositing them directly into your account which you can see through our dedicated portal in real time.

  • We’re there for anything your patients need.

    When patients need assistance, our experienced, compassionate staff personally answers each patient call and stays on the line with them until every question is answered.

  • We help you communicate to your patients.

    Using the right tone, the right words, at the right times can make all the difference in opening with a panel of supportive, loyal patients. We provide marketing support, including website, branding materials, and patient communications.

  • We manage the billing for your practice.

    Collecting membership fees can be time and labor-intensive, but it’s vital to ensuring a healthy revenue stream. Having a dedicated billing manager at Specialdocs enables you and your staff to focus on the patient experience.

  • We sustain and help you grow your practice.

    Even the most successful practice can expect an attrition rate of 5% annually. We generate the continued outreach to new patients that’s crucial to keeping your practice healthy and thriving.

  • We provide concierge level service to our physicians.

    At Specialdocs, you’ll always be assisted by a dedicated team member who knows you and your practice. In fact, we provide the same concierge-level care to our physician-clients that they plan to deliver to their patients.

  • We believe in equitable terms.

    It’s about handshakes, not handcuffs. Our contracts start as a four-year initial agreement, with optional future extension.

  • There are no non-compete clauses.

    Our contracts do not have non-compete clauses. After the contract expires, there are no restrictions on where or how a physician practices medicine.

  • World-class training and coaching.

    We guide you with expert coaching, and we provide training for your staff before, during, and after transition to ensure that they’re informed and enthusiastic about your practice transformation.

  • We’re your regulatory experts.

    We tap into the collective knowledge of the nation’s leading concierge medicine legal counselors to offer guidance in compliance with the latest regulations.

  • We pave the way for your retirement.

    Specialdocs creates a uniquely personalized succession plan to prepare you for retirement and ensure continuity of patient care. We’ll guide you at every stage of the process, including recruiting and introducing a new physician to your practice.

Specialdocs’ physicians boast over 98%  patient satisfaction with over 96%  patient renewal rates.

It’s clear that Specialdocs is unique in the industry, but I have some questions about how it all works.

We have some answers! Learn more about why physicians and patients are transitioning to Specialdocs concierge medicine and how it works, or give us a call.