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  • Specialdocs Consultants is a proud pioneer in the concierge medicine industry.

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  • We're supporting our clients' concierge practices across the country.

Specialdocs gives you the opportunity to practice medicine the way you've always wanted.

  • Control your revenues

    Control your revenues

    Unlike our competitors, we give you complete access to your membership-fee funds at all times, depositing them directly into your account which you can see through our dedicated portal in real time.

  • Get Fair & equitable terms

    Get fair & equitable terms

    It’s about handshakes, not handcuffs. Our contracts start as a four-year initial agreement, with optional future extension.

  • Avoid non-compete clauses

    Avoid non-compete clauses

    Our contracts do not have non-compete clauses. After the contract expires, there are no restrictions on where or how a physician practices medicine.

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In the last two years, 100%  of our physician clients chose to renew and extend their contract because of our partnership approach, commitment to best in class service and outstanding results.

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