We’re the concierge medicine company that cares about the success, health and happiness of physicians and their patients.

Our healthcare expertise and business experience has helped physicians across the country realize the benefits of concierge medicine. As a result, we’ve developed a proven system that can help your practice do the same. Our comprehensive model covers every aspect of the transition process—from consulting, management, and medical-practice design services, to accounting, legal, and marketing support.

We know that healthcare works best when physicians have enough time for each patient, and when they have the financial stability and peace of mind necessary to practice medicine the way they always imagined. That’s what drives our passion and dedication each day.

In the last two years, 100%  of our physician clients chose to renew and extend their contract because of our partnership approach, commitment to best in class service and outstanding results.
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As the healthcare landscape continues to rapidly evolve, where can I discover the latest in relevant news?

We’re leaders in the industry and frequently contribute to the global conversation around the concierge medical model.

Check out our News & Insights page and learn more about what’s going on in the industry and what’s new at Specialdocs. Also, you can find resources for patients regarding the latest in health and wellness.