Here’s what patients most often want to know about concierge medicine.

Busy professionals, retirees, teachers, families and just about anyone interested in a higher level of physician care are now choosing the convenience, personalized service, and improved health potential of concierge practices.

Here’s what patients most often want to know when determining whether concierge medicine is the right choice for their needs:

How does Specialdocs concierge medicine differ from the traditional medical care I receive now?

Although each practice varies somewhat, all Specialdocs concierge practices offer a higher level of personalized care, putting the focus on wellness and prevention. In general, you’ll experience conveniences such as shorter wait times, same-day or next day appointments, and 24/7 direct communication with your physician via texts, emails, or phone calls. You can also expect to spend more time with your doctor during each office visit. This will ensure all your medical needs are always completely addressed.

What can I expect when I visit my Specialdocs’ concierge doctor for the first time?

One of the biggest differences you may notice is that your appointment will start promptly and last longer. Your doctor will spend additional time asking about the current state of your health before addressing any concerns you currently have. After a detailed physical and emotional wellbeing assessment, you will receive a personalized wellness plan to address your specific needs and risks. This will include age-appropriate advice on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

What are the long-term benefits of concierge medicine?

An integral aspect of concierge medicine is the health coaching you receive as a preventive measure. As part of a more comprehensive and continuous approach to your overall wellbeing, you’ll receive active support and encouragement to help you achieve the personal health goals you’ve set for yourself in cooperation with your Specialdocs physician. These benefits go beyond those covered by most health insurance policies.

For example, your personalized plan may include goals such as weight management, improved emotional wellbeing, and better nutrition. Your concierge doctor will provide related educational materials and encourage you to take an active role in managing and monitoring your own health.

Can concierge medicine actually improve my health?

Although there are many factors that affect the health of any individual, studies have shown that the concierge medicine model typically results in fewer emergency room and urgent care clinic visits by patients.

What if I require hospitalization?

Your concierge doctor will function as your admitting physician, taking primary responsibility for your care at any hospital where she or he has privileges. This responsibility may extend to courtesy visits, as well as advocating on your behalf if there is a hospitalist in charge of your care.

I have dependent children. Can they receive care?

In many cases, adult dependent children, between the ages of 18 and up to 26, may receive care with lower additional membership fees.

What if I need care, but I can’t make it into my doctor’s office?

For those who frequently travel out-of-town, or who are otherwise unable to visit their doctor’s office, virtual consultations may be provided. In cases where a patient is in town, but cannot make it into the office, a house call may be provided. In other circumstances, such as temporary or permanent residence within an independent or skilled nursing facility, your physician will likely be involved in your care through periodic site visits and regular communication with the facility’s staff.

Are travel-related medicine consultations available?

Your doctor will offer guidance on CDC recommended inoculations and/or any necessary precautions regarding travel.

Am I entitled to a second opinion?

Of course. You can request to have your chart reviewed by a respected physician colleague of your choice.

Tell me more about the types of health education opportunities provided by Specialdocs concierge physicians.

Your Specialdocs physician will provide quarterly, newsletters on topics relevant to your health and wellbeing. In addition, your doctor may hold seminars, conducted in small group settings, to discuss timely health issues.

What if I require the care of a specialist?

If the issue is a complicated one, you may request a referral from your Specialdocs doctor to an appropriate specialist for your condition.

What other services are included beyond those offered by traditional medicine practices?

As part of your physician’s commitment to preventive care and your health, you’ll receive an annual physical, normally lasting at least 60 minutes, same day or next day appointments, no waiting when you arrive at the office, an annual hearing screening exam and in many cases state of the art testing and assessments.

How can I convince my doctor to become a Specialdocs’ doctor?

Many traditional medicine physicians are discovering the benefits of transitioning their practices to the Specialdocs concierge model. Explain to your doctor that you would welcome an opportunity to become a Specialdocs concierge patient, and ask him or her to visit the our website for details.