We manage your membership billing, patient communication, regulatory compliance and concierge medicine marketing strategy so you can focus on what matters most.

Even the most successful concierge physician will experience attrition each year, making ongoing outreach to current patients as vital as continually reaching out to attract new patients. From ensuring that membership fees are expertly managed and promptly deposited, to enhancing your online presence, we can help keep your practice running smoothly.

We provide the expertise necessary to navigate the changes your practice will undergo. For example, we bring a wealth of regulatory knowledge when it comes to subscription-based medical care. This ensures that you won’t be caught off-guard by any legal requirements that might have escaped your notice. We also assist with concierge medicine software platforms that make managing your operations easier and more convenient.

Operations support

Serving as an integral member of your staff, Specialdocs will support your team by managing time-intensive but vital tasks behind the scenes. These include handling your concierge medicine membership billing, so you won’t have to spend time processing invoices in-house.

Membership billing

We handle your “rolling” renewals every two weeks throughout the year, with personalized cover letters and invoices; process your membership fees, collections, and deposits; and reach out to non-responders.

iMED Portal access

iMED (which stands for Immediate Membership Enrollment Data) provides ongoing access to our exclusive web-based portal for real-time enrollment and billing data and financial projections.

Patient communication services

We promptly answer all patient inquiries that come in via your website, and provide them with a full package of materials highlighting the benefits of your specific practice.

Newly enrolled patient outreach

We provide a warm welcome to your new patients with a packet that includes a personalized cover letter and details about your practice.

Marketing and communications

The power of your brand is steeped in your good name and stellar reputation. Let us help keep you in the forefront with key communications resources. When switching to a subscription medical care model, informing your staff and patient base will be critical to make sure everyone understands how they might be impacted.

Marketing materials

We orchestrate reprinting of brochures, stationery, envelopes, and business cards.

Personalized quarterly newsletters

We create the content and operate the fulfillment of the newsletters.

Website updates

Your customized site will be continuously updated with new features, ongoing additions to the medical library, maintenance, and web hosting.

Online presence

We help manage your online reputation, and offer a search engine optimization program to enhance your online visibility.

Regulatory guidance and strategy

In an industry where change is the new status quo, understanding how to protect and sustain your practice is essential. Our experience with the membership medical care structure makes us ideally suited to help you make sense of what lies ahead.

Legal counsel

We regularly communicate with the nation’s leading concierge medicine legal counselors on the latest regulations.

Physician advisory board

Access to the Specialdocs Physician Advisory Board and our Chief Medical Advisor.

Ongoing consulting

Continual consultation with client services and marketing specialists.

Group purchasing

Continue to access the advantage of Specialdocs’ growing physician network with cost savings on supplies, insurance, employee benefits, and other services.

Let’s start a conversation to see how we can best partner with you and your practice.