Concierge Medicine Reviews & Testimonials

Converting your practice to a concierge model can provide numerous benefits to both your work life and patients. Concierge medicine allows for more focus on preventative care, resulting in more face time with patients and higher patient satisfaction. Not only will you spend more meaningful time with your patients, you’ll have more personal time for yourself.

Witness the benefits of the concierge model firsthand through the following client testimonials from Specialdocs’ Revolutionary Journeys to Concierge Medicine video series.

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Internal Medicine

“I was so excited to sign on with a company where it feels like family.”

Dorothy Serna, MD, CWP, FACP

Internal Medicine Physician
North Cypress, Texas

“Specialdocs is allowing me to establish my practice and deliver patient care the way I think it needs to be delivered.”

Marc Harrigan, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Atlanta, Georgia

“If you’re feeling the pressure that you don’t have enough time to see your patients, that you don’t have the balance in your life that allows you to be the best doctor that you can be, those add up to reasons to think about a change. For me, that change was concierge medicine and Specialdocs.”

Michael Golden, MD

Primary Care Physician
Beverly, Massachusetts

“Specialdocs made the transition so easy and they were so easy to work with. My work-life balance is so much better. I’m not totally worn out and I feel more effective in treating patients.”

Jay Tyroler, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Fairfax, Virginia

“When you’re in traditional medicine, you are so busy and don’t have time to think. We took a leap of faith and we’re able to make this transition. Specialdocs gives the same kind of care that we want to give to our patients. They focus on us and they make us feel like we’re the only people in the room.”

Kathleen Frekko Farrell, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Gaithersburg, Maryland

“Specialdocs has been very good about following my lead, my vision and supporting it. They give me ideas on how to succeed in my vision.”

Carrie Cardenas, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
San Diego, California

“It really is practicing the way you’ve always dreamed of practicing medicine.”

Judith Shea, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Greenwich, Connecticut

“Specialdocs changed my life and they did it in a way that was personal and simple.”

Jeffrey Weinberger, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Riverside, Connecticut

“Specialdocs is there for you. They come and talk to your staff, research your community.”

Uday Jani, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Milton, Delaware

“Specialdocs was extremely responsible and extremely dependable during the transition. It was always, ‘We are a team. We’re working together.’”

Shalini Kaneriya, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Northern Virginia

“Specialdocs was the best fit for our practice. They’re a very down-to-earth, personal company.”

Brad Pontz, MD, of NOVAMED Associates Concierge Medicine

Internal Medicine Physician
Northern Virginia

“Our staff loves coming to work now. Our environment has been destressed. Specialdocs has always been there to help us make our patients feel like this is home.”

Ann Cooley
Practice Manager, NOVAMED Associates Concierge Medicine

“The people behind Specialdocs are pretty phenomenal. They have a lot of great knowledge and fantastic support.”

Cecily Havert, MD, of Northern Virginia Family Practice Associates

Internal Medicine Physician
Northern Virginia

“If you have the opportunity to choose Specialdocs [for your transition to concierge medicine], you’re not going to regret it.”

Gene Shmorhun, MD, of Family Healthcare of Fairfax

Internal Medicine Physician
Fairfax, Virginia

“To me, if you’ve made that decision to switch over then you have to do it now. There’s no time to wait.”

Jeff Puglisi, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Greenwich, Connecticut

“Since I transitioned to concierge medicine, my days run a lot more smoothly, I don’t run behind and my patients don’t have to wait for me. It’s such a supportive, friendly environment.”

Beth Dorn, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Torrance, California

“Specialdocs gives the kind of personal touch that I want to give to my patients.”

Scott Tong, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Torrance, California

“Specialdocs provides the same level of care and attention to me and my practice that I provide to my patients.”

Craig Backs, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Springfield, Illinois

“I’m glad that I can continue my career and continue to love what I do. [It’s] why I went into practice in the first place.”

Christopher Stringer, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Manlius, New York

“I think [concierge medicine] is the only way to give patients what they want from their doctor.”

Nan Monahan, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Atlanta, Georgia

“I’m really glad I found Specialdocs. Everyone you talk to there is so knowledgeable.”

Morris Hasson, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Aliso Viejo, California

“I’m able to be patient-focused now. I couldn’t have said that before.”

Adam Rubinstein, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Vernon Hills, Illinois

“I have the utmost praise for the Specialdocs team. They followed through on what they said.”

Ralph Cipriani, MD

Internal Medicine Physician
Greenwich, Connecticut

Family Medicine

“For the traditional practice model, it’s challenging and you run out of hours in the day. Now with a concierge practice, patients get the time they need. It’s wonderful to practice like it’s supposed to be.”

Alan Glaser, MD

Primary Care Physician at Wellesley Primary Care
Wellesley, Massachusetts


“Specialdocs is really different. They have approaches that are individualized to the needs of that doctor and their practice.”

John Levinson, MD, PhD

Boston, Massachusetts

“[Specialdocs] values their physicians. They respect their physicians. They don’t just see us as a money-making opportunity.”

Dom Curatola, MD, FACC

Mountain View, California


“Specialdocs has been very supportive and they’ve never wanted to change who I am or how I want to run the practice. I think once you test these waters, you’ll never want to go back. “

Denise Armellini, MD

Fairfax, Virginia


“Specialdocs made the transition so seamless and easy. Transitioning to the concierge model has really reignited my joy of practicing medicine. It affords you so much flexibility in terms of your schedule and your care for your patients.”

Julia Stanford, MD

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Annandale, Virginia