Concierge Medicine Services
For Practicing Physicians

As the burdens imposed by regulatory requirements and insurance reimbursement become greater, doctors across a wide range of practice areas are turning to the concierge model. Both primary care physicians and specialists are experiencing the benefits it provides for them, their staff and their patients.

What Is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is a model that provides patients with an increased level of healthcare, especially with regards to physician availability, doctor-patient communication and overall dedication to patient satisfaction. This specialized form of healthcare typically requires patients to pay an annual or monthly fixed fee. In return, they receive more attentive and customized treatment that can’t be found at a traditional doctor’s office. Physician concierge services usually allow doctors to see fewer patients and have more autonomy over their operations and regulations.

Specialdocs Consultants has the expertise necessary to guide you through the transition process. Even after completing your transformation, we will stand beside you and provide ongoing concierge medicine services and consulting to help ensure you can become more effective in how you serve your patients.

Why Choose the Concierge Model?

Because concierge physicians bypass insurance providers in favor of a direct membership model with a patient, they are not beholden to following all of the processes required by insurers. This means less time spent on paperwork and more time spent caring for people directly. With additional face-to-face time and fewer restrictions on treatment methods, doctors can become more effective overall.

Our custom approach to doctor concierge service allows us to focus on your needs and effectively tailor our experience to your practice. We never overstep our boundaries, but we offer our services in marketing, billing and compliance to help make the transition even smoother. Our professional medical concierge services help give providers the breathing room to focus on what matters most — their patients.

Who We Can Help

Our concierge medical services empower physicians in numerous sectors of healthcare, including:

Why Choose Specialdocs?

If you’re considering switching to the concierge business model, we will do everything in our power to ensure a successful and smooth transition with our healthcare concierge services. If you’re interesting in learning more about transitioning to concierge care, fill out our STEP form and see if it’s right for you.