As an innovative developer of the concierge medicine business model, Specialdocs understands the challenges facing today’s independent and employed physicians.

The concierge model allows physicians to spend more time with each patient, building a meaningful connection that benefits the patient and fulfills the physician.

This relationship allows physicians to focus on preventative care and health literacy, both of which have been proven to improve overall health outcomes, reduce hospital and ER utilization and curb unnecessary testing and procedures.

Since 2002, Specialdocs Consultants has empowered physicians to transition their practices to the concierge medicine model and make a real impact on the health of their communities.

Among the many concierge medicine benefits available through Specialdocs’ services, you could spend less time on paperwork, experience fewer administrative responsibilities and gain greater financial independence.

Additionally, patients could enjoy more specialized attention that is focused on delivering the best level of care. Because concierge practitioners are not beholden to the same restrictions imposed by insurance providers, these physicians are free to explore multiple treatment options and can work more closely with patients to ensure a smooth and comprehensive healing process.

57% of family medicine physicians (+10% over the last 5 years) and 60% of internists (+14% over the last 5 years) are suffering from burnout,* and 83% of physicians report being over-extended or at capacity.**

* Physician Burnout & Depression Report 2023, Medscape
** The Physicians Foundation 2022 Physician Survey

It’s no wonder the number of independent physicians is declining

Some are being bought by large hospital groups, some are going out of business and more medical school students are opting for subspecialties rather than primary care. The most recent data compiled by consulting companies Accenture and Avalere, show that the number of independent physicians declined to 26% in 2022, down from 37% in 2013.*

Since 2002, Specialdocs has listened to physicians across the country tell their story of being squeezed by the state of medicine. Here’s what they’re saying:

By transitioning to concierge medicine with Specialdocs, you can maintain the time, financial stability, and peace of mind you need to practice your best medicine.

Specifically, Specialdocs clients can…

Focus on preventative
patient care

More time with each patient allows for a focus on preventative care and health education, creating a better patient experience.

Spend time where it
matters most

Less time on paperwork and regulatory compliance means more time for patient care, and more time for yourself.

Alleviate stress and improve personal health

Less stress about too little time with your patients and in dealing with administrative matters positively impacts your health and vitality.

Experience financial peace of mind

Achieving financial stability gives you freedom so you can continue to make a difference for your patients.

Be there for your patients when they need you

The direct care model allows many physicians more time to spend with patients. Now, you can be more available and offer extra benefits, including communicating with patients after normal work hours, if needed.

Explore every available option

Without the need for additional approvals from an insurance company, doctors in a concierge medical group are free to look into other potential avenues for treatment and care.

Ready to see if you’re an ideal candidate for the Specialdocs concierge model? Take our Specialdocs Test for Evaluating Practices (STEP), and let’s start the conversation.


The Specialdocs concierge medicine model outperforms traditional models on many levels.

The annual revenue opportunity for a Specialdocs concierge physician meets or exceeds the revenue opportunity for a comparable traditional practice. Here’s a sample comparison:

Considering the transition to concierge medicine? Specialdocs only recommends transitioning after we’ve completed a thorough process to determine whether you’re an ideal candidate.