Why concierge medicine?

I’m spending twice as much time on my desk work and less time practicing medicine. Can transitioning to the Specialdocs concierge model help?

As a leader and an innovator in the industry, we know that Specialdocs concierge physicians meaningfully transform their practices and their lives, while positively impacting their communities.

Our concierge model allows physicians to spend more time with each patient, building a meaningful connection that benefits the patient and fulfills the physician. And this relationship allows them to focus on preventative care and health literacy, both of which have been proven to improve overall health outcomes, reduce hospital and ER utilization, and curb unnecessary testing and procedures.

Since 2002, we’ve empowered physicians to transition their practices and make an impact on the health of their communities.

I’m spending twice as much time on administrative tasks and less time practicing medicine. Can transitioning to the Specialdocs concierge model help?

Absolutely. As a pioneer in the concierge medicine industry since 2002, we completely understand and we’re here to help.

With Specialdocs Consultants, you have access to our expertise in finding an alternative to the unstable and unpredictable healthcare landscape.

We’re in tune with the challenges you’re facing, and we’re experts who can help guide you through them.

We’ve seen physician practices struggle to implement electronic health records, which can be expensive and cumbersome. Insurance reimbursement continues to decline, while overhead expenses are on the rise. Health systems are buying physician practices to improve their market share, leaving fewer independent primary care physicians. As a result, commercial insurance companies have less incentive to negotiate reimbursement rates with small practices.

It’s no surprise that 47%  of family medicine physicians and 46%  of internists are suffering from burnout,* and 80%  of physicians report being over-extended or at capacity.**
* 2018 Medscape report
** The Physicians Foundation 2016 Physician Survey

So, how can you help me practice medicine the way I’ve always envisioned?

We believe that working with Specialdocs will help provide the time, financial stability, and peace of mind you need to practice your best medicine.
  • Focus on preventative care

    Focus on preventative care

    More time with each patient allows for a focus on preventative care and health education, creating a better patient experience.

  • Spend time where it matters most

    Spend time where it matters most

    Less time on paperwork and regulatory compliance means more time for patient care, and more time for yourself.

  • Alleviate stress and improve your health

    Alleviate stress and improve your health

    Less stress about too little time with your patients and in dealing with administrative matters positively impacts your health and vitality.

  • Experience financial peace of mind

    Experience financial peace of mind

    Achieving financial stability gives you freedom so you can continue to make a difference for your patients.

Ready to see if you’re an ideal candidate for the Specialdocs concierge model? Take our Specialdocs Test for Evaluating Practices (STEP), and let’s start the conversation.

How is Specialdocs concierge medicine different from traditional practice models?

Our concierge medicine model outperforms traditional models on many levels.



Medical Care Reactive Time to be proactive
Practice Structure Physician-Centered Patient-Centered
Role of Staff Gatekeepers Advocates
Time and Flexibility Limited Extended
Revenue Fee-for-Service Incentives Membership Fees
Administration Burdened Streamlined
Avg. Length of Appointment 7-10 Minutes 30+ Minutes
In-Office Wait Time Can be significant None – Minimal
Appointment Timeline 18 Days Same/Next Day
Patients Per Doctor 2,000+ Dramatically reduced count
House Calls Rarely In many cases
Technology/Mobile Access Sometimes 24/7 direct communication

It sounds great, but how do the numbers work out?

The annual revenue opportunity for a Specialdocs concierge physician meets or exceeds the revenue opportunity for a comparable traditional practice. Here’s a sample comparison:
Highly productive traditional
practice (75th percentile)
per wRVU
x 6,035Total wRVU productivity
per physician
$900kAll-payer net
Concierge physician
panel at 80% capacity
$1.8kMid-range concierge
fee per patient
x 325Patients per
concierge panel
$665k*Annual revenue
* this include insurance reimbursements for office visits of additional $80k per year.

How can I be certain that Specialdocs concierge medicine is right for me and my practice?

We only recommend transitioning once we’ve determined that you’re an ideal candidate, so there’s no need to worry.