What is concierge medicine?

What exactly is concierge medicine, and how does it work?

Concierge medicine is a better way to experience healthcare.

Patients pay an annual membership fee, and in exchange, doctors provide same day or next day appointments, more time for each visit, as well as a comprehensive 60+ minute annual exam.

What is the value of seeing a Specialdocs concierge physician? What can I expect?

There are many benefits of seeing a Specialdocs concierge doctor. You get the personalized attention and care you deserve, and your physician becomes your partner in health. You also experience:

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    24/7 direct communication with your doctor

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    Focus on preventative care

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    Less need for ER and urgent care clinic visits

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    Help navigating the fragmented health system

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    Same day or next day appointments

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    Little or no waiting in the office

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    Comprehensive annual exam

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    Holistic approach to healthcare

The benefits sound great, but how does it compare to traditional practices?

There’s a dramatic difference in the care you receive from a Specialdocs concierge doctor compared to the traditional practice model.


Specialdocs Concierge

Medical Care Reactive Proactive
Appointment Timeline 18 Days Same to next day
Average Length of appointment 7-10 Minutes 30+ Minutes
In-Office Wait Time Can be significant None - Minimal
Patients per doctor 2,000+ Dramatically reduced count
House Calls Rarely In many cases
Technology/Mobile Access Sometimes 24/7 direct communication

What makes a Specialdocs doctor so special?

We conduct a rigorous, highly selective process for determining which doctors will be successful as concierge physicians. We look for exceptional physicians with superior patient relationships and interpersonal skills and genuine passion for practicing outstanding medicine.

Where is the nearest Specialdocs physician in my area?

Since 2002, we’ve empowered physicians throughout the United States. Contact us to find the physicians closest to you.